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Better Future
Project Manager

Previously ran Ripple Accelerator, 20 years in software, incubators, accelerators, and seed investing; Stanford Ph.D.

Youssef Amrani
Project Manager

Core contributor Cosmos Hub, Economic Committee of IST stablecoin, previously Community Analyst at Messari.

Dilan Asatekin

Founder of

Reena Shtedle

Co-founder, Head of Business Development/DevRel at Citadel One.

Xavier Meegan

Chief Investment Officer at Chorus One.

Mikey Lee

Business Development at Cosmostation.

Julien Robert
Technical Lead

Software engineer at Binary Builders and Cosmos SDK specialist.

Oversight Coordinator

Co-founder of educational Blockchain Insight Group.

Jason Choy
Senior Oversight Committee Member

Angel investing and Tangent founder, Blockcrunch Podcast host, former Spartan Capital General Partner.

Patricia Mizuki
Auditor/Controller and Oversight Commitee Member

Former PwC auditor; 10+years in audit, risk management and process improvements.

Project Coordinator

15 years digital marketing for in live entertainment industries.