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Our Ecosystem

The internet of blockchains offers the opportunity for huge progress for the entire blockchain and web3 space. The Cosmos hub is at the heart of the interchain and its token, ATOM, is the gateway and reserve asset.

Our Vision

ATOM Accelerator DAO is a community-oriented fund to support excellence in public goods, open source projects, and ecosystem initiatives that can bring success, security, & innovation to ATOM.

Funding Themes

Applications are encouraged in the following areas
a) Economics & cost effectiveness of RS

b) Validator working group to optimize RS from validator perspective

c) Upgrade of chains to become RS compatible
a) New consumer chains onboarding

b) Consumer chains council to advance the economic zone agenda

c) ATOM incentive models for consumer chain ramp-up

d) Token swap function between ATOM and consumer chain tokens

e) Harnessing MEV for ATOM stakers

f) Code audits of consumer chains
a) Institutional custody for ATOM and consumer chain tokens

b) Wallet integrations for ATOM as gateway asset

c) Media coverage & partnerships
a) Community pool vesting + streaming of payments to DAOs & contributors

b) Tooling to enable payout of ATOM from community pool in USD terms and/or to split funding types in a proposal across set-up & streaming

c) Interchain wallet

d) Tooling to enable sortition based governance processes

e) Tooling to enable community members to rank roadmap ideas

f) Working groups for community projects

g) Process for proposal authors to make presentations to validators

h) Other enhancements to improve Hub governance & deliberation

i) DAO infrastructure

j) New DAO bootstrapping
a) Cosmos SDK

b) IBC

c) Consensus Engines

d) CosmWasm

NB: in the case of interchain public goods funding, we have decided that we would fund them collectively with other Cosmos focused grant programs. The ATOM Accelerator will not be funding them alone, but will actively coordinate with other interchain grant programs
a) Long-term vision for the Cosmos Hub & the ATOM tokenomics

b) ICS v2

c) Mesh Security

d) Liquid Staking

e) New Interchain Services that can be offered to DAOs, Chains, Cosmonauts:  governance, liquidity, administrative, registry, citizenship, credit, etc

f) Interviews with DAOs, Chains, and Cosmonauts to discover & publish needs
NB:  preference given to proposals seeking to lock, burn, or integrate ATOM
a) Onboarding Web2 developers into the Cosmos Hub community

b) Hackathons

c) Community events & conference sponsoring
a) Wallet aggregators

b) Proof of personhood: proves the user is a human

c) Learn to earn: credentials earned by completing coursework

d) Crypto credit scores: numeric rating based on historical crypto transactions

e) Web 3 LinkedIn equivalent: earn and showcase qualifications to build a Web3 resume;  tool to link Web 2 identities to wallets
Please note that funding priority will be given to the categories listed above but that we will also consider applications outside of this scope.


You can see our areas of interest listed above. We will employ three methods

A. Passive open grants: applicants find an idea they have an interest in and submit their applications. Please note that the categories listed above are the ones the ATOM Accelerator will be focusing on but they are not exhaustive

B. Outreach based grants where the ATOM Accelerator proactively seeks out to fund specific initiatives and encourages specific individual or teams to apply for a grant

C. RFPs. In a few instances, the ATOM Accelerator will manifest its interest in projects its Reviewer Committee deems strategic for ATOM and will be publishing more detailed guidelines on its functional and technical needs. Multiple teams are encouraged to participate and submit their application.
Our first RFP has now been published. Details have now been published and can be read on medium, applications can be submitted here
We assess applications a rating sheet is used by to pre-screen applications. Two randomly assigned members of the Reviewer Committee complete the pre-screening task.  A total of 16 points is possible and an average grade of 12 or higher from the two reviewers is the threshold needed for an application to move on to the interview stage.

The rating criteria can be read here.
Grants range from $10k to $1m and are paid in $ATOM. We don’t anticipate many projects requiring that level of support but if you have a big idea that is going to be open source and drive value to $ATOM then we would love to hear from you.
We are currently open for applications and anticipate issuing the first batch of grants in April. Once we start issuing grants, funding decisions will be made on a rolling basis.
Applications will be initially screened by a member of our Reviewer Committee team focusing on the area of your application. There will then be an interview stage and finally a vote. Reviewer Committee members with a potential conflict of interest will be recused from the vote. The reviewer committee is:

Youssef Amrani - Core contributor Cosmos Hub, Economic Committee of IST stablecoin, previously community analyst at Messari.
Better Future - Previously ran Ripple Accelerator, 20 years in software, incubators, accelerators and seed investing; Stanford Ph.D.
Luke Saunders - Chief Technology Officer at Delphi Digital. Incubated projects like Astroport & Mars Protocol on Terra.
Mikey L, Business Development at Cosmostation
Dilan Asatekin, Imperator founder and Lead Data Engineer at Osmosis
Reena Shtedle
, Founding team, Head of Business Development and DevRel at Citadel One
Xavier Meegan, Chief Investment Officer at Chorus One
The Oversight Committee’s role is:

1. Internal controls of the ATOM Accelerator DAO such as expenditure controls, monitoring of conflicts of interest as well as publishing of monthly transparency reports. As we develop our website there will be a section where these can be found. The first transparency report can be read here

2. Oversight & accountability of grant recipients through follow-ups on milestones and deliverables

3. Interface with the ATOM community at large to inform of the latest developments.

The oversight committee consists of:
Jason Choi: Founder of angel investing collective Tangent 3. Hosts the popular Blockcrunch podcast. Formerly General Partner at Spartan Capital.
Patricia Mizuki, formerly PwC auditor, over 10 years of experience of audit, risk management and process improvements.
Joni known as Curious J, Co-founder of Blockchain Insight Group and a clinical researcher.
Absolutely, although we expect to give funding priority to the categories we listed on our website. We are aware some grant ideas might not be covered in the listed categories and as such are committed to process them as well.
The ATOM Accelerator is focused on the Cosmos Hub and the ATOM token. Since our funding is not unlimited and because Interchain public goods are often expensive, our stance is to fund some in association with other app-chain grant programs. We have a liaison with these grant programs and will coordinate with them when necessary to fund together Interchain public goods.
We have 2 on-chain wallets
- our main multisig (4 of 7) where we will be paying grants from here
- our operational expenses multisig (2 out of 3) from where we will be paying salaries and other expenses here

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