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Impact Report 2023

We just published our 2023 annual report, featuring a full term review, our grants highlights and our financials.

You can consult it here

Our Ecosystem

The internet of blockchains offers the opportunity for huge progress for the entire blockchain and web3 space. The Cosmos hub is at the heart of the interchain and its token, ATOM, is the gateway and reserve asset.

Our Vision

ATOM Accelerator DAO is a community-oriented fund to support excellence in public goods, open source projects, and ecosystem initiatives that can bring success, security, & innovation to ATOM.

Funding Themes

Applications are encouraged in the following areas
a) Economics & cost effectiveness of RS

b) Validator working group to optimize RS from validator perspective

c) Upgrade of chains to become RS compatible
a) New consumer chains onboarding

b) Consumer chains council to advance the economic zone agenda

c) ATOM incentive models for consumer chain ramp-up

d) Token swap function between ATOM and consumer chain tokens

e) Harnessing MEV for ATOM stakers

f) Code audits of consumer chains
a) Institutional custody for ATOM and consumer chain tokens

b) Wallet integrations for ATOM as gateway asset

c) Media coverage & partnerships
a) Community pool vesting + streaming of payments to DAOs & contributors

b) Tooling to enable payout of ATOM from community pool in USD terms and/or to split funding types in a proposal across set-up & streaming

c) Interchain wallet

d) Tooling to enable sortition based governance processes

e) Tooling to enable community members to rank roadmap ideas

f) Working groups for community projects

g) Process for proposal authors to make presentations to validators

h) Other enhancements to improve Hub governance & deliberation

i) DAO infrastructure

j) New DAO bootstrapping
a) Cosmos SDK

b) IBC

c) Consensus Engines

d) CosmWasm

NB: in the case of interchain public goods funding, we have decided that we would fund them collectively with other Cosmos focused grant programs. The ATOM Accelerator will not be funding them alone, but will actively coordinate with other interchain grant programs
a) Long-term vision for the Cosmos Hub & the ATOM tokenomics

b) ICS v2

c) Mesh Security

d) Liquid Staking

e) New Interchain Services that can be offered to DAOs, Chains, Cosmonauts:  governance, liquidity, administrative, registry, citizenship, credit, etc

f) Interviews with DAOs, Chains, and Cosmonauts to discover & publish needs
NB:  preference given to proposals seeking to lock, burn, or integrate ATOM
a) Onboarding Web2 developers into the Cosmos Hub community

b) Hackathons

c) Community events & conference sponsoring
a) Wallet aggregators

b) Proof of personhood: proves the user is a human

c) Learn to earn: credentials earned by completing coursework

d) Crypto credit scores: numeric rating based on historical crypto transactions

e) Web 3 LinkedIn equivalent: earn and showcase qualifications to build a Web3 resume;  tool to link Web 2 identities to wallets
Please note that funding priority will be given to the categories listed above but that we will also consider applications outside of this scope.

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