A rating sheet is used by the Atom Accelerator DAO Reviewer Committee to pre-screen applications. Two randomly assigned members of the Atom Accelerator DAO Reviewer Committee complete the pre-screening task. A total of 16 points is possible and an average grade of 12 or higher from the two reviewers is the threshold needed for an application to move on to the interview stage.Here are the guiding notes that the members of the reviewer committee use:
0 points — No program fit
1 point — Weak fit or zero fit with any funding theme or RFP listed on the Atom Accelerator DAO website
2 points — Strong fit with at least one funding theme or RFP listed on Atom Accelerator DAO website
Note: If program fit is 0, it is a deal breaker and no need to continue rating.
The elements Atom Accelerator DAO is seeking:
• Clarity of Writing — The project plan is clearly and concisely written — ie, it is easy as a reviewer to follow & understand the project plan.
• SOW Granularity — The scope of work is reasonably well detailed in terms of what the team plans to do, achieve, accomplish through the project.
• Resource Fit — Realistic resourcing & timeline is provided — ie, the funding and timeline presented feel suitable relative to the scope of work.
0 points — Project plan badly thought out
1 point — Weak project plan
2 points — Good project plan
3 points — Exemplary project plan
The elementsAtom Accelerator DAO is seeking:
• 2+ Members — The team consists of two or more members (not a lone individual)

• Professional bios — The team has provided links to their professional bios on LinkedIn or some other platform

• Relevant experience — The team has suitable prior experience, training and/or track-record to succeed in the specific tasks being tackled (2 points)

• Reputation — Team members appear to be well liked & respected within Cosmos community and/or larger society

• Sustainability — Team appears to be stable and sustainable

• Full time — Team members are committing full-time to the project
0 points — Zero elements present
1 point — Very weak team
2 points — Weak team
3 points — Middle team
4 points — Strong team
5 points — Kick Ass Cosmos team
The elements Atom Accelerator DAO is seeking:
Intangible link — value add to ATOM exists but it is intangible via growth of ATOM Zone or IBC-connected interchain economy or other kinds of intangible link

• Direct link — project plan has direct link to using, locking, or increasing demand for ATOM (3 points)

• Metrics — KPIs or metrics exist & allow measurement of results & success

• Optics — announcement of project will be viewed as strongly favorable by ATOM community

• ATOM Community Alignment — team shows long-term commitment to ATOM community

Present Rating Description

0 Zero ATOM alignment
1 Very weak ATOM alignment
2 Weak ATOM alignment
3 Middle ATOM alignment
4 Strong ATOM alignment
5 Excellent ATOM alignment
6 ATOM to $100, LFG!!!